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Stemless wine glasses are 12 oz and great for white or red wine. The personal etching makes each glass the perfect gift for friends, family, newlyweds, anniversaries, and birthdays!


This contemporary egg-shaped wine glass is easy to grip and comfortable to hold. This glass is an excellent choice for any casual or formal occasion.


Each glass is professionally etched using an engraving sandblasting technique. This means that the top layer of glass is scratched into a beautiful design. It also means that the glass is dishwasher safe, the design will not fade or chip. This gives the glass a beautiful and professional frosted look.



Height: 4.5inches
Circumference: 10.5inches


The design on your glass is permanent and dishwasher safe! Please be careful not to let soak for too long to avoid hard water stains on the glass. The design itself will never fade!


Please message me for custom orders. I can also do this design on a different glass type!



If there is any damage to your item during shipping (it's glass, it happens), please send me an image of the damage and I will get a new one sent to you right away.

Stemless Bahama Llama

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