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The perfect summer accessory to keep your drinks cool while at home or on vacation!

Insulated, stainless steel can-cooler designed specifically for 12oz slim cans. The top screws off of this stainless steel cooler, to easily remove the empty can.


- Made to order, handmade
- SIZE FITS: Most 12 oz (355 ml) Skinny Can Beverages (Michelob Ultra, Truly, White Claw, Red Bull, Corona Extra, Spiked Seltzer, Henry's, Starbuck's Refreshers, etc.)
- Material: Stainless Steel (Body) and BPA Free Lid
- Reduces condensation and is vacuumed insulated.
- Keeps Cold for up to 12 Hours
- Handwashing recommended
- Non-Toxic & BPA Free
- Fits Cupholders


Each design is pressed onto the cooler using high heat and letting the ink absorb into the stainless steel. This is not paint or vinyl, it is permanent and will not wash off.

Green Leafy Skinny Can Cooler

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